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One of the biggest challenges facing a Sporting Goods store is managing all the special ordering - whether it is an order from your team sales group or a specialized rod-and-reel for a single customer, beating the big box retailers is all about carefully managing those special requests that the big-box retailers ignore. Our sporting goods pos system enables you to easily capture special orders at POS, take and manage deposits, and automatically generate purchase orders that can be sent to your vendors.

CounterPoint Retail POS Software supports serial number tracking for those sporting goods stores who want to track big ticket or regulated items. With this option, items such as golf carts, bicycles, and firewarms can be sold by unique serial number. The number may be specified by the manufacturer or automatically generated by the sporting goods pos system.

We also find that many sporting goods retailers like to use vendor model numbers for the inventory items, and they want the ability to renumber these items when the subsequent year's model is released. CounterPoint POS supports item renumbering and this allows sales history to be maintained year-after-year even though the vendor changes the item number.

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Sporting Goods POS Features:

  • Point of Sale CounterPoint POSPoint of Sale CounterPoint POS
    Fast, easy to use, and easy to learn - includes optional touchscreen, fast (2-second!) credit card authorizations, and commission tracking.

    Reduce or eliminate shrinkage, stock outs, stock discrepancies, best and worst selling products, and track inventory movement. Track serial numbers, item costs and profit margins. Automate stock replenishment and direct store deliveries. Manage your inventory investment and out-of-stock conditions so you can maximize your profitability.

  • KITS
    With kitting capability, you have the ability to handle pricing for sets vs. individual pieces.

    Track status and deposits on orders, special orders, backorders, and layaways.

    Give gift cards and store credits with no transaction fees.

    Sales commissions are calculated for each item on the sales ticket based on either sale amount or gross profit. Commissions may be tracked by ticket or by line item, and may be split across multiple salespeople on one ticket. Commissions can be paid on sales or on paid invoices only. Commissions due are reported daily in point of sale.

    Build customer profiles, record shipping information, and track status and deposits on orders, special orders, backorders, and layaways.

Rapid POS is eager to help your sporting goods store.  Our sporting goods point of sale solutions are used by retailers throughout the US.  We serve single store retailers as well as retailers with multiple stores across multiple states.

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Sporting Goods Store Point of Sale Users

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Since its grand opening in February 1895, Hoigaard's - one of the Twin Cities' largest sporting goods and specialty retailers - has built an enduring reputation for quality products and excellent customer service. Though the focus of business may have changed throughout the years, the same devotion to satisfying its customers has remained...

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Customer Testimonial

"POS systems make special ordering so much easier! The sporting goods POS system helps us account for special orders at point-of-sale; keeping track of deposits and purchase orders. This really comes in handy when a new product is released."

Mike, San Diego, CA