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Restaurant Pro Express (RPE) from pcAmerica is a touch screen based restaurant point of sale (POS) system that provides fast operation, accurate order taking, and detailed business reporting. Whether you operate a fast food, table service, or fine dining restaurant, Restaurant Pro Express has a robust set of features to meet your unique needs. pcAmerica's restaurant point of sale software has dozens of features in a package that is easy and affordable but scalable to meet the needs of a single POS station restaurant up to a restaurant chain with multiple POS stations at each location.


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  • Restaurant Pro Express (RPE)Restaurant Pro Express (RPE)

Fast and Easy Checkout

Streamline order processing and spend more time servicing customers through the use of a touch screen based point of sale (POS) system. Restaurant Pro Express is designed to speed up restaurant operations and improve profitability.

Order Tracking

Errors in preparation can cost precious time, money, and customer loyalty.Use Restaurant Pro Express and a kitchen display system to speed service, improve accuracy, and enhance productivity by routing orders to the proper preparation areas, flagging tardy orders, and displaying items as they are entered into the point of sale station.

  • Restaurant Pro Express (RPE)Restaurant Pro Express (RPE)


Restaurant Pro Express is easy to learn and use. Train your servers in as little as 60 seconds to place orders and close out checks.

Secure Payment Processing

Safely process transactions like credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards in 3 to 5 seconds.

Customer Marketing: Loyalty Programs

Use our loyalty program to access accurate customer data identifying purchasing tendencies and history trends. Use this information to send direct mail and email promotions to create repeat customers.

  • Restaurant Pro Express (RPE)Restaurant Pro Express (RPE)

Employee Time Clock and Labor Scheduling

Integrated time clock and labor scheduling functionality help you manage staffing and reduce labor costs.

Detailed Reporting

Cash Register Express contains dozens of built-in tools to help restaurants streamline administrative tasks and manage their restaurants more efficiently.

Restaurant Pro Express is also scalable to handle a single location POS system location up to a multiple locations with multiple POS systems at each location.

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