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There are hundreds of hardware options available.  We've researched them all so that the choice is simple for you. We offer the best hardware available at two different price points, and then let you pick-and-choose the optional peripherals that you wish to add to your system. 

  • Our Value-Priced Hardware is cost-effective, yet sufficiently robust for environments that are not overly harsh (i.e. not too wet, hot, cold, dusty, nor subject to overly rough handling).
  • OurCommercial-Grade Hardware is suitable for harsh environments and comes with an overnight replacement warranty that can't be beat.

All peripherals offered may be added to either system.  Call our POS Specialist at 619-298-4527 so that we can design a package that is perfect for your store.

Value Priced Bundle:

Purchase this POS System for:  $1,999

or Lease For $65 per month (includes POS Software & Hardware)*


  • HP CPU
  • 15" Touchscreen with Integrated Credit Card Swipe
  • Radiant Receipt Printer
  • Metrologic Scanner
  • 16" Cash Drawer
  • 2 x 20 Customer Display
  • Keyboard/Mouse



Commercial Bundle:

Purchase this POS System for: $2,369

or Lease For $80 per month (includes hardware & POS software)*


  • Radiant P1515 Terminal
    • Touchscreen
    • Credit Card Swipe
    • CPU
    • 2x20 Customer Display
  • Radiant Receipt Printer
  • 18" Heavy Duty Cash Drawer


*Exact monthly lease rates depend upon a number of factors, including credit scores.  Call a POS Specialist at 619-298-4527 to obtain a more precise lease quote for your specific situation.


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