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QuickBooks POS from Intuit is a comprehensive point of sale software that gives you the ability to help run your store more profitably along with customer management features to keep customers coming back. Quickbooks POS also comes with integrated payment processing and the ability to integrate into Quickbooks accounting. Intuit Quickbooks Point of Sale Basic 9.0 gives you all the sales and inventory tools necessary to effectively run your business.

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Ring Up Sales Fast

Our easy to use sales screens ensure cashiers can ring sales quickly to avoid long sales lines. Use a touch screen or barcode scanner to improve check out speed.

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Manage Inventory

Quickbooks POS adjusts your inventory every time you make a sale, order, or return — which helps you keep the most popular items on-hand without overstocking or selling out. Record merchandise received and the Point of Sale system adjusts inventory figures with each sale or return.

Marketing Tools to Increase Sales

Capture customer contact information and track purchase history automatically. Our customer loyalty tools will keep your customers coming in the door.


Quickbooks POS can handle a single store with one point of sale system up to a multi-unit chain with multiple pos systems at each location.

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