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Retail Point of Sale (POS) Peripherals

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In addition to complete point of sale systems, RapidPOS offers a complete line of point of sale peripherals including barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, and point of sale scales. We are proud to offer point of sale and barcode equipment from leading industry manufactures such as Motorola, Epson, Ingenico, Verifone, Cherry, Radiant Systems, Datalogic, M-S Cash Drawer, and Zebra.

CognitiveCognitive Advantage LX

Efficiency is key for any retail store point of sale system. Bar coding your inventory will speed the checkout process as well as reduce inventory tracking problems. Bar code printers will generate bar code labels for your items so they can be scanned onto an invoice using a point of sale cash register system. Our recommended bar code printer is easy to use and works directly with our bar code software.


CAS ScaleCAS PD-1 Serial Weight Scale

Stores that sell merchandise by weight are fully supported by a variety of scales. The principles are the same whether you weigh yogurt, meat, produce, mulch, or some other item. Get an accurate weight electronically sent from the scale to the POS. The POS can be configured to deduct tare weights (i.e. the weight of the cup or carton). All scales have an LCD display and some scales include an integrated barcode scanner (the type scale used by most grocery stores). All scales are legal for trade and are approved by the Department of Weights & Measures.


Avery BerkelAvery Berkel Model 6720 Point-of-Sale Interface Scale

Avery Berkel Model 6720 is designed for use in grocery and health food stores, cafeterias, convenience stores, candy shops, hardware stores, pet stores or other retail locations.


MetrologicMetrologic MS2320 Stratos Scanner

StratosHTM is a high performance 6-sided, bioptic scanner/scale for seated and space constrained checkout environments with a patented modular design that provides ease of setup and maintenance ensuring minimum downtime and maximum customer service.

Point of Sale TM-T88IV Receipt Printer
TM-T88IV Receipt Printer

The TM-T88IV POS thermal printer is the latest addition to Epson's innovative, industry-leading TM-T88 POS printer series. Designed specifically for high-volume retail environments, the TM-T88IV delivers more speed and more reliability than ever before.

Point of Sale Motorola LS2208
Point of Sale motorolaSymbol/Motorola LS2208 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner

The affordable LS2208 handheld bar code scanner provides fast, reliable scanning in an ergonomic, lightweight form. The durable working range - from near-contact to 17 inches - makes this wired device ideal for retail.

Point of Sale Motorola LS 9208

Point of Sale motorolaSymbol/Motorola LS 9208 Scanner

The Symbol/Motorola LS 9208 is ideal for retail environments that sell a basket of products that are easily handled to so that items are moved in front of a scanner. The 9208 leaves both of your operators' hands free to handle product quickly for faster checkout, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. This high-performance scanner has an innovative 100-line rastering omnidirectional scan pattern allowing the operator to get a dependable scan with minimal effort to align the barcode to the scanner.
Point of Sale Motorola LS 4278
Point of Sale motorola Symbol/Motorola LS 4278 Scanner

This Bluetooth cordless scanner providers your staff extreme freedom of movement which is particular important if you sell bulky items. Reduce the risk of workplace injuries by reducing the need to move heavy objects for checkout plus allow you staff to check all sides of a shopping cart for unscanned items. The LS4278 comes with a cradle that serves that he Bluetooth antenna as well as a recharging station.

Point of Sale Ingenico 6550
Point of Sale ingenicoIngenico 6550 Signature Capture Terminal

The Ingenico 6550 was designed to accomplish one objective - provide the fastest and most secure customer checkout possible. This multi-purpose device eliminates the need to keep up with hand signed credit card slips by electronically capturing the customer's signature, acts as a pin pad for debit transactions, and can be configured to provide customer-directed advertising. Some retailers find they can generate coop advertising dollars from their suppliers by featuring that supplier's merchandise on the video screen.

Point of Sale Verifone PINpad 1000SE
Point of Sale verifoneVerifone PINpad 1000SE

PINpad 1000SE Offers 3DES Security and Improved Ergonomics in a Rugged, Backward Compatible Solution VeriFone's PINpad 1000SE provides the perfect solution for merchants looking to capitalize on the rapid growth of debit, EBT, and other PIN-based transactions. Easily connecting with most existing POS terminals, the PINpad 1000SE offers a fast, simple way to accept the latest in PIN-based payment.

Point of Sale Cherry Keyboards
Cherry Keyboards

Cherry's newly expanded SPOS and RC Series keyboards feature customizable color keycaps which allow for easy visual recognition of common functions. This not only reduces transaction time, it also helps train new employees. The result? Faster transactions and happier customers!

Point of Sale Radiant-OCD PoleMount

Radiant-OCD PoleMount

The Radiant Graphical Customer display is a critical component to maximize return on your POS investment. It improves the customer experience by presenting customers with an easy to read line list and transaction totals in real-time. Given the rapt attention your customers give it, why not use it for high-impact marketing messaging? A portion of the screen may be used to advertise in-store specials or upcoming events. Some clients generate revenue from these devises by selling the ad space to vendors, obtaining coop dollars in return for ad space, and selling adverting for other stores that provide complementary products or services. The bright screen supports high-impact, full-color graphics as well as animation/video.

Point of Sale Radiant Pole Mount

Radiant Pole Mount

The State of California and other states require all POS systems to have a Pole Display, but that isn't the most important reason to have one. Customers want to see the price they are being charged and they are more conscious of pricing errors due to media reports of overcharging. Prominently displaying prices on a pole display inspires customer confidence. It is just one more way to build customer loyalty. Pole displays also deter fraudulent voids and item deletions, two common methods of employee theft. This unit is capable of displaying 2 lines by 20 characters and may be attached to the back of a Radiant terminal or mounted on a pole.

Point of Sale Falcon 4420

Falcon 4420

The Falcon 4420 packages the power of the latest mobile computing technology in a rugged, yet ergonomic, portable data terminal for all of your demanding data collection needs. In a fast-paced retail-in-store environment, the Falcon 4420 has the feature set, accessories, and tools to meet your needs.

Point of Sale M-S Cash Drawer HP-122

M-S Cash Drawer HP-122

M-S Cash Drawer offers a 18.8" W x 15.2" L x 3.94" H cash drawer, made with an all steel construction with stainless steel front. Comes with a 5bill/5-coin money till.

Point of Sale Zebra TLP-2844

Zebra TLP-2844

The TLP 2844 is ideal for retail settings that need barcode printing capabilities. Serial, parallel, and USB interfaces, and an optional internal Ethernet (ZebraNet PrintServer II), make this flexible, reliable, and affordable printer a smart investment.

Point of Sale Zebra TLP-2824

Zebra TLP-2824

The TLP 2824 excels in delivering printing solutions for business and professional offices, including retail point of sale, shelf labeling, product marking, healthcare specimen labeling and patient tracking, inventory and asset management, small office or home office mailing, shipping, and file folder labeling.

Point of Sale Zebra QL 320 Plus

Zebra QL 320 Plus

Looking for a mobile barcode printing solution? The QL 320 Plus direct thermal mobile printer delivers print widths up to 2.9" (73.6 mm). In addition to offering the rugged construction, user-friendly options, and flexible QuickLink connectivity that have made the Zebra's QL 320 so popular. It's built to handle increased levels of wireless security and to process complex labels up to four times faster, making it ideal for the secure transfer of sensitive data such as price lists, and customer information.

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