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Gift Cards

Point of Sale Gift card posA well run gift card program can be one of your most powerful marketing tools. First, the purchaser is advertising for you - - the purchaser is telling her friend or loved one that she approves of your store. Secondly, over 60% of gift card recipients will spend an amount in your stores that exceeds the face value of the card. Opportunities don't end there; many retailers are using gift cards for more creative marketing. Some of our clients attempt to reactivate good customers who have not purchased in a while by sending a gift card for a small denomination. It's much more powerful than a coupon. Others automatically exchange loyalty points for gift cards when certain thresholds are hit. Again, the idea is to drive traffic back into your store. CounterPoint POS wholly manages your gift card program, so there are no third party fees involved. Using CounterPoint POS you may issue, redeem, partially redeem, reissue, recharge, check the balance, and void gift cards. You may configure CounterPoint POS to allow a card to be redeemed only at the issuing store or at any of your stores.

Loyalty Cards

As a customer's relationship with a company lengthens, profits rise. And not just by a little. Many companies can boost profits by almost 100 percent by retaining just 5 percent more of their customers. Loyalty programs have come a long way since the Green Stamp days. It's no longer about giving a little something extra, it's about identifying individual customers and using the data you are collecting to do four things:

  • Lift - increase the spending of existing customers
  • Retention - Improve the natural churn rate of customers
  • Profit Mix - shift spending to higher margin products
  • Prospect - find new customers by better understanding the demographics of your best customers

CounterPoint POS supports these objectives by allowing you to define very unique earning and redemption rules.  For example, you can offer higher redemption values for a select product to encourage customers to begin using a product they have not previously tried. You can even define a specific group of customers who are eligible. 

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