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Category Management is a highly important aspect when working in a Pet/Feed and Seed store. Our POS for Pet/Feed and Seed stores will help you organize your inventory by department so you are sure you have a full line for each type and size of animal. Our POS will generate helpful reports of your sales so that you may optimize your inventory. You will know what to reorder and when, and see what products are selling and those that are not.
Loyal customers are the most critical element of your business, right? Our Pet/Animal Store POS software will help you track customer history so you can easily look-up past purchases when customers can’t remember exactly what they need. With the Customer Connect feature of our POS software you will also be able to send campaign emails to specific groups of customers to draw them back into your store.  Gone are the days of the generic e-mail blasts – your e-mail marketing will be laser targeted.  For example, identify all cat owners who have not been in the store in the last 6 weeks or all horse owners who needed to treat ticks last year.

In addition, selling suggestion pop ups help you avoid missing out on additional sales opportunities. If your customer purchases a new collar for their pet, sales associates may need to be reminded to suggest a leash to go with it. CounterPoint POS is not only fast and easy to use but it is an affordable investment

Learn even more at our website devoted to pet, feed/seed, and tack stores: rapidftpos.com

Pet Feed and Seed Store POS Main Features:

  • Point of Sale CounterPoint POSPoint of Sale CounterPoint POS
    Fast, easy to learn, and easy to use - includes optional touchscreen, fast (2-second!) credit card authorizations, work orders, and layaways.

    Decrease or eliminate shrinkage, stock discrepancies, stock outs, best and worst selling products, and track inventory movement. Track serial numbers, item costs and profit margins. Automate stock replenishment and direct store deliveries. Manage your inventory investment and out-of-stock conditions so you may maximize your profitability.

    Know who your customers are and what they're buying. Keep detailed sales history, and print mailing labels for special promotions, or send targeted emails to attract customers. Increase loyalty with charge sales, customer cards, store credits, gift certificates, and more.

    Monitor trends with six-week sales analysis. Print activity reports for specified periods. Daily exception reports monitor your voids, price overrides, etc. Analyze item sales history and know what's selling and what isn't.

    • Point of Sale CounterPoint POSPoint of Sale CounterPoint POS
    Retain, view, and report complete detail of every sale you make, or look at summaries and cross-analyses.

    Price by each case or pallet, by customer type, location and promotional pricing.

Rapid POS is eager to help your pet store.  Our pet store point of sale solutions are used by retailers throughout the US.  We serve single store retailers as well as retailers with multiple stores across multiple states.

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