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Grocery Store POS

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Grocery stores (and especially specialty food markets) love CounterPoint Retail POS Software's ability to handle tares, including the ability to assign multiple tare's per items. Pricing by the case or 12PACK doesn't require the setup of an entirely new item. Our grocery store pos software has the ability to handle pricing by customer type (e.g. commercial accounts vs retail customers) is also important to grocery retailers since many stores sell to restaurants, caterers, and other large volume businesses.

Customers have come to expect loyalty programs and gift cards from grocery and specialty food retailers, and CounterPoint POS has one of the most flexible loyalty programs available. It's 100% handled within the system, so there are no 3rd party fees. Food Stamps, catch weight barcodes, and special labeling requirements are all addressed with standard out-of-the-box CounterPoint POS functionality.

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Grocery Store POS Features:

  • Point of Sale CounterPoint POSPoint of Sale CounterPoint POS
  • POINT OF SALE CHECKOUT Quick, easy to use, and easy to learn - includes optional touchscreen, quick (2-second!) credit card authorizations, hold and quote tickets, and offline checkout.

    Reduce or eliminate shrinkage, stock outs, stock discrepancies, best and worst selling products, and track inventory movement. Track serial numbers, item costs and profit margins. Automate stock replenishment and direct store deliveries.

    Scale interface allows you to weigh produce or bulk food. Offers random weight bar code support for deli counter scales.

    Print Food Stamps, catch weight bar codes, and special labeling.

    Know who your customers are and what they're buying. Print mailing labels for special promotions. Increase loyalty with A/R charge accounts, frequent shopper programs, customer-specific pricing, gift certificates, and more.

    Pricing by the case or 12PACK, by customer type, location, and promotional pricing.

Rapid POS is eager to help your grocery store.  Our grocery point of sale solutions are used by grocery retailers throughout the US.  We serve single store retailers as well as retailers with multiple stores across multiple states.

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Customer Testimonial

"We consider RapidPOS to be a great asset to our company. The service is exemplary. The pos system is easy to train on, easy to use and is a great time saver. Thank you for making my job that much easier!"

Lee, West Hollywood, CA