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Taking top notch care of customers in a fine dining or table service restaurant is the key to ensuring repeat customers. A fine dining point of sale (POS) system needs to help efficiently manage important details of your restaurant's daily operations like sales, inventory, reservations, and labor. Restaurant Pro Express table service point of sale (POS) software has comprehensive business reporting that will enable users to track sales, customers, inventory, promotions, and employee labor. Plus, with our table service POS software, cashiers can quickly and easily perform customer checkout with fast processing of credit, debit, gift, and loyalty cards including tips. Restaurant Pro Express fine dining POS software also has valuable features like customer loyalty and gift programs which are great marketing tools to entice customers to keep coming back in. Restaurant Pro Express has all the features to meet the needs of the most demanding fine dining or table service POS environments.

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  • Point of Sale POSPoint of Sale POS
  • Point of Sale Checkout
    Fast, user-friendly interface includes touch screen and the ability to cash out customers via credit card, debit card, gift or loyalty card.

  • Table Management- Use our fine dining POS software to create and setup seating for customers requesting reservations.

  • Inventory Control
    Accurately track inventory in real-time. As products are rung up at the register, stock levels are adjusted according to sales and returns. Eliminate or reduce shrinkage, stock outs, and lost inventory.

  • Customer Loyalty
    Know who your customers are and what they order. Keep and track customer purchasing history. Use this information to market to customers.

Table Service/Fine Dining POS features:

  • Fast and easy customer checkout via touchscreen interface
  • Employee time clock and labor management
  • Credit and debit card processing including tips
  • Track inventory, recipes, and ingredients
  • Print or display kitchen orders
  • Detailed back office reporting

Restaurant Pro Express is also scalable to handle a single location POS system location up to a multiple locations with multiple POS systems at each location.

Rapid POS is eager to help your casual/fine dining restaurant.  Our casual/fine dining point of sale solutions are used in restaurants throughout the US.  We serve single store restaurants as well as restaurants with multiple locations across multiple states.  Our POS clients are in New York, Hawaii, everywhere in between, and especially our own backyard – Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange counties.


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