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Coffee Shop POS

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Coffee shops rely heavily on two factors in order to achieve success -- speed and service. Coffee shops require a point of sale (POS) system that can process multiple complex orders quickly and without hassle. Our coffee shop POS system can print coffee orders to a barista printer ensuring that the drink is made with the right specifications. Restaurant Pro Express POS software is designed to meet the unique needs of coffee shops.

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Coffee Shop POS Features:

    Fast, easy to use, and easy to learn - includes optional touchscreen, fast (2-second!) credit card authorizations, hold and quote tickets, and offline checkout.

    Know who your customers are and what they're buying. Set up A/R charge accounts. Print mailing labels for special promotions. Increase loyalty with special discounts for seniors, frequent shopper programs, store credits, gift-cards, and more.

    Track special orders and ingredients.

    Time clock and labor scheduling functionalities help you to manage shifts and ensure sufficient but not excessive labor.

    Monitor trends with six-week sales analysis. Print activity reports for specified periods. Analyze item sales history and determine top-sellers.

Restaurant Pro Express is also scalable to handle a single location coffee shop POS system location up to a multiple locations with multiple coffee shop POS systems at each location.

Rapid POS is eager to help your coffee shop.  Our coffee shop point of sale solutions are used throughout the US.  We serve single locations as well as stores with multiple locations across multiple states.  Our POS clients are in New York, Hawaii, everywhere in between, and especially our own backyard – Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange counties.

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Customer Testimonial

"Your coffee shop POS system has allowed me to track my customers' needs in the cafe and my staff is better able to handle orders without a problem."

Angela, San Diego, CA