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While a typical point of sale system has features like sales, inventory, employee labor, and a customer loyalty program, a yogurt shop or candy store pos system must also have additional capabilities to meet their unique needs. A yogurt shop pos or candy store pos system must also have seamless integration to a POS scale to calculate the cost of merchandise based on weight of what the customer is looking to purchase. This is important because if your POS system and scale are not callobrated correctly, the retailer could be subject their store to fines or penalties. In addition, Rapid POS can also configure your yogurt shop pos or candy store pos system as a cashier operated point of sale system or a self service point of sale station.

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  • Point of Sale POSPoint of Sale POS
  • Integrated Scale – No need to rekey a weight manually.  The POS reads the weight from the scale automatically.

  • Tare Weights – the POS will reduce the weight by the weight of the cup.  Configure multiple cup sizes.  Note that this is absolutely required functionality in the State of California.

  • Easy to Use – Touchscreen and Integrated Credit Card Processing – Add custom button for each of your products and even include a custom image.  Your cashiers can be trained in 15 minutes or less and they will check out customers with extreme efficiency.  Credit cards authorization is received in under two seconds.

  • Gift-Cards and loyality cards are integrated into the system. No third party fees!

Yogurt Shops POS / Candy Shops POS features:

  • Easiest to learn touchscreen interface
  • Track recipes, inventory, and ingredients
  • Employee time clock and labor scheduling
  • Gift-Card and loyalty programs
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Detailed back office reporting

Restaurant Pro Express is also scalable to handle a single location POS system location up to a multiple locations with multiple POS systems at each location.

Rapid POS is eager to help your candy/yogurt shop.  Our candy/yogurt point of sale solutions are used throughout the US.  We serve single locations as well as stores with multiple locations across multiple states.  Our POS clients are in New York, Hawaii, everywhere in between, and especially our own backyard – Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange counties.


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"Thank you RapidPOS! Compared to using my old cash register, this new POS system has saved me a great deal of time that I can use to focus on more important aspects of my business."

Jordan D., Los Angeles, CA