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The most accurate approach to taking physical inventory is to count the entire store while it is closed.  Doing this in a reasonable amount of time means that most retailers need more than one or two inventory guns, yet it doesn't make sense to purchase a large number of guns only to be used once or twice a year.

RapidPOS will rent from 1 to 24 data collectors to you for your physical inventory activities. The rate is $75 per day per unit. We are happy to provide on-site consulting to ensure your physical inventory runs smoothly.

About the Hardware

RapidPOS provides Percon PT2000 data collectors. These small and lightweight units fit comfortably in your hand and weigh only 12 ounces, including batteries. They have a 4-line-by-16 characters LCD display for easy readability and 34 splash-resistant alphanumeric keys. Best of all each unit has over 2 megabytes of data storage available - this means you needn't worry about returning the gun for upload until you've completed the scan of an entire section.

Each of our PT2000 data collectors includes a dock to provide a connection between the PT2000 and your computer. Rather than attaching a cable each time you want to recharge or transmit data, simply place the unit into the dock and press the upload key. Data is transmitted in seconds. When you're ready to use the gun again, simply remove it from the dock.

Updating your POS Software

Physical inventory scans captured in these units may be uploaded into CounterPoint POS. In fact, data collected using these units may be uploaded into most any POS package. So, even if you aren't using CounterPoint POS, we can still help you with your scanned physical inventory!

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